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Our Photo Filters make your customer's day – and your brand memorized.

Powerful Photo Filters
For Your Brand

Building brand awareness has become a challenging task. On average, your customers are exposed to 5000 brands per day. They encounter them on television, in newspapers and in online advertisements. But most ads are blocked, never perceived or forgotten only seconds after seeing them.

What if you could promote your brand differently? In a way, that makes people interested in it, that evokes emotions and creates memorable experiences. A way, that makes people spread the word about your brand and become your brands ambassadors. To make that happen your marketing campaign would have to do amazing things, right? Surprising things. Unexpected things. Impressive things.

Kaleido allows you to do just that. We use the latest advances in artificial intelligence to develop custom, visual brand experiences that not only resonate with your audience, but engage them. Make your audience love your campaign, let them share it online – it might go viral – and traditional press coverage will follow.

For a marketing campaign that feels more like an interactive, funny internet thing. And not like something your adblocker should have stopped.

For Brands

  • Promote your brand in a fresh, fun & innovative way
  • Choose from premade or custom filters
  • Launch apps for Android, iOS, Desktop and more

For Marketing Agencies

  • Explore new avenues with unprecedented creative possibilities
  • Make a pitch guaranteed to impress your client
  • Measure and report the success of your clients campaigns
  • Join our partner program for discount options & pitch support

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We are looking for brands and marketing agencies who want to leverage the power of visual photo filters for new kinds of marketing campaigns.

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