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Our Values

Kaleido has recently joined the Canva family! The way we build our team remains the same - we carefully select skilled individuals to support our vision because we know we can only achieve great things together. These are the principles our work is guided by and that we strive towards every day.


We make AI accessible

At Kaleido, like-minded people work with cutting-edge technology and challenge each other with their ideas. We love building awesome products together that impact the lives of millions of people around the world. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to solve real problems and bridge the gap between complex tech and everyday challenges.


We fail fast

Dynamic processes, implementing new ideas, trying, failing, and improving fast - that’s how we work. We are willing to challenge our processes and adapt as needed, reacting to changes quickly and easily. The world of tech is ever-evolving, and so are we.


We listen

We believe that people perform at their best when they find the conditions at work to thrive in. We strive to create this space by having regular feedback loops, cultivating a listening culture, and demonstrating an open-minded, respectful and encouraging attitude towards each other. Everyone is treated fairly and with trust, regardless of their gender, race, or job title. That’s why we are officially certified as a Great Place to Work.


We align through transparency

Every single team member at Kaleido knows what they are contributing to. Together with Canva, we are empowering the world to design and we do our part by making visual AI simple to use. Everyone gets to set their own data-driven goals while being aware of where the company is headed in a larger context. Purpose-driven teams are happier and better-performing.


We put the team first

We are proud to have a diverse and international team where motivation, inspiration, support, and jokes alike flow easily each day among our teams. We’re incredibly passionate about our work, but we always make room for fun. Regular get-togethers, team-building events, or spontaneous ping-pong sessions in the office are always welcomed by our team.

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