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Benjamin Groessing Benjamin Groessing


David Fankhauser David Fankhauser


Alexander Brix Alexander Brix

Chief Operating Officer

Jakob Kolar Jakob Kolar

Head of Design

Petia Maximova Petia Maximova

Head of Sales

Peter Toepfer Peter Toepfer

Customer Support & Data Admin

Michal Džujka Michal Džujka

Customer Success Manager

Tanja Zinkl Tanja Zinkl

Talent Acquisition & HR Manager

Felix Mayerhofer Felix Mayerhofer

Software Developer

Kasia Sobanska Kasia Sobanska

Customer Support Agent

Jerome Nicolaou Jerome Nicolaou

Software Developer

Andreas Braumann Andreas Braumann

Software Developer

Goda Kraštinaitytė Goda Kraštinaitytė

Graphic & Multimedia Designer

René Koller René Koller

Lead Developer

Antonia Sterian Antonia Sterian

Content Manager

Erika Diskancova Erika Diskancova

Enterprise Account Executive

Lingcong Zhao Lingcong Zhao

Computer Vision Engineer

Viktoria Perak Viktoria Perak

Customer Support Agent

Lea Stranjgar Lea Stranjgar

Office Manager

Stefan Sietzen Stefan Sietzen

Deep Learning Engineer

Alexander Graf Alexander Graf

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Erfan Ebrahimnia Erfan Ebrahimnia

Lead Developer

Stefanie Deutsch Stefanie Deutsch

Data Labelling Quality Specialist

Thomas Pitscheneder Thomas Pitscheneder

Data Labelling Quality Specialist

Bernhard Holzer Bernhard Holzer


Sanchit Sanchit Sanchit Sanchit

Deep Learning Engineer

Jakob Allinger Jakob Allinger

Technical Recruiter

Michael Reingruber Michael Reingruber

Finance & Operations Manager

Clara Cordes Clara Cordes

Product Owner

Matthias  Ehegötz Matthias Ehegötz

Scrum Master

Matthias  Gieselmann Matthias Gieselmann

Product Designer (UX/UI)

Paul Angerer Paul Angerer

Python Developer

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