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Our founders, Ben and David, create a smart photo filter app that quickly reaches millions of people in fun and engaging ways. As the starting point for Kaleido's visual AI platform, they double down on research and development and establish the foundations of the products that would soon make complex editing tasks simpler than ever before.


We launch our first product,, and communities like Product Hunt instantly turn it into the most upvoted product of all time. Media outlets such as TechCrunch, Forbes & DigitalTrends rave about it, and millions of users save time every single day.


Our products get a range of new features that are vital for automation and excellent user experience. APIs, tools & plugins, and support for all photos with foregrounds - are just some of the upgrades we bring on board for


We launch Unscreen and, with it, the era of green screens and chroma-keying is gone for good. Removing backgrounds from videos can now be done automatically in seconds.


Kaleido becomes part of the Canva family in an acquisition that makes waves in the Austrian and international news. In just a few months, we also successfully launch Designify, reinventing how images are edited at scale.

2022 reaches 30 million active monthly users while our team has now more than 70 members. As Kaleido is growing, we are also developing cutting-edge photo and video AI technology for the Canva platform. Some of our most exciting launches this year include a local Photo Editor, an improved Auto-Adjust tool, and our renowned Video Background Remover, all available now on Canva.

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